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                    Industry News

                    FDA Approved Drugs for Oncology

                    TIME:2016/7/14 9:18:24 SOURSE:

                    Farydak (panobinostat); Novartis; For the treatment of multiple myeloma, Approved February 2015

                    Ibrance (palbociclib); Pfizer; For the treatment of ER-positive, HER2-negative breast cancer, Approved February 2015

                    Lenvima (lenvatinib); Eisai; For the treatment of thyroid cancer, Approved February 2015

                    Opdivo (nivolumab); Bristol-Myers Squibb; For the treatment of metastatic squamous non-small cell lung cancer, Approved March 2015

                    Unituxin (dinutuximab); United Therapeutics; For the treatment of pediatrics with high-risk neuroblastoma, Approved March 2015

                    The article was refered to: https://www.centerwatch.com/drug-information/fda-approved-drugs/therapeutic-area/12/oncology

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